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Abstract: În contextul „Anului omagial al pastorației românilor din afara României”, Sectorul Teologic-Educațional al Patriarhiei Române, în colaborare cu Secretariatul de Stat pentru Culte, a organizat în perioada 8-11 decembrie, Simpozionul Internațional de Teologie „Pastorația românilor din afara României: responsabilitate eclesială și unitate etnică”. Simpozionul s-a desfășurat în format hibrid, cu participare fizică sau online, prin respectarea normelor și măsurilor de siguranță impuse de legislația în vigoare.

Cuvinte-cheie: pastorație, diaspora românească, responsabilitate, comuniune, provocări pastorale,
misiunea Bisericii, educație

Keywords: Church mission; pastoral activity; Romanian diaspora; responsability; communion; pastoral challanges

Summary: Within the context of the “Homage year of the pastoral activity of the Romanians from outside Romania”, the theological and educational Sector of the Patriarchate of Romania, in collaboration with the State Secretariate for Cults, organized between the 8th and the 11th of December, the International Symposium  of Theology named “The pastoral activity of the Romanians from outside Romania: ecclesiastic responsibility and ethnic unity”. The Symposium took place in a hybrid shape, with physical participation or online, respecting the standards and the measures of security imposed by the legislation in force. The festive opening session took place on Thursday, the 9th of December, in “Teoctist the Patriarch” Aula Magna of the Palace of the Patriarchate. In His message conveyed at this festive opening session, His Beatitude Father Patriarch Daniel mentioned that the whole number of the Romanians from outside the borders of the country is about of ten million: six million of Romanians live in historic or traditional communities of neighbouring countries of Romania, and four million live in the church communities of the diaspora. Father Patriarch emphasized that “within the actual context of the general phenomen of migration, the Romanian Orthodox Church develops and intensifies her pastoral mission and responsibility for the orthodox Romanians from outside Romania, whom she considers her faithful sons and an integrant part of the Romanian orthodox communion from everywhere”. His Beatitude called attention to the phenomenon of solitude and spoke about the social tensenesses, and other difficulties that the orthodox Romanians from abroad have met with. The Patriarch said that the Romanian Orthodox Church encourages and backs up her sons and daughters from abroad. Among those pronounced speeches in the first session were Mr. Romeo Moșoiu, representative of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Mircea Dumitru, member of the Academy, representative of the Chairman of the Romanian Academy and of the Rector of the University of Bucharest, and Mr. Victor Opaschi, State Secretary for Cults. Three other sessions of scientific papers followed, when representatives of the Romanian Academy and of the State authorities took the floor; they were succeeded by Bishops Veniamin of South Bessarabia, and Siluan of Hungary, also by Rev. Fr. Emanuel Tapalagă, Vicar of Vovidenia (Serbia). The next day of the Symposium took place in the Conventus Hall of the Patriarchal Palace, starting with the paper given by His Grace Father Atanasie of Bogdania, Vicar-Bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Italy. Within the frame of this session, papers were also given by Rev. Father Archimandrite Dr. Teofil Anăstăsoaie, Rev. Fr. Professor Dr. Dragoș Herescu, and Rev. Fr. Dr. Gheorghe Costea. Within the frame of the fifth session, scientific papers were given by Rev. Fr. Dr. Florin Marica, Rev. Fr. Dr. Marcel Sergiu Vlad, and Rev. Fr. Senior Lecturer Dr. Liviu Barbu, and Professor Dr. Adina Berciu-Drăghicescu. Within the frame of the last session, speeches were pronounced by Lecturer Dr. Adrian Lemeni, Rev. Fr. Lecturer Dr. Sorin Șelaru, and Rev. Archdeacon Professor Dr. George Grigoriță. The last session came to an end by proceedings and the presentation of the conclusions of the Symposium.

Vasile-Robert Nechifor – redactor în cadrul departamentului „Actualitatea religioasă” al Ziarului Lumina și doctorand al Facultății de Teologie Ortodoxă „Justinian Patriarhul” a
Universității din Bucureşti; e-mail: robertnechifor@yahoo.com

 Andrei Butu – redactor în cadrul departamentului „Actualitatea religioasă” al Ziarului Lumina;

e-mail: andrei.ziarullumina@gmail.com