The History of the Journal Biserica Ortodoxă Română

(1 october 1874 – present)


The Journal Biserica Ortodoxă Română (BOR) has appeared in the late nineteenth century, giving as main purpose to inform the clergy and the faithful on the activity of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church nationally. She also had the mission to disseminate culture through theological studies and articles in the fields of History of the Church, Morality, exegesis, liturgy, of Apologetics or the Romanian spirituality. At the same time, in accordance with regulations approved by the Holy Synod, the Journal presented the duties and requirements of the clergy, published sermons and translations, and communicating news about the other Orthodox Churches – sisters, but also heterodox.

The first official publication of the Romanian Orthodox Church was founded November 17, 1873, pursuant to article no. Regulation 16 of the Holy Synod, at the initiative of the Metropolitan Primate of Romania, His Eminence Nifon Rusail (1789 – 1875). Its publication was approved by King Charles I (1866 – 1914), by Decree no. 1125, 27 May 1874.

The first issue of this journal was printed Sept. 20, 1874, the Metropolitan Diocese of Printing, and appeared officially on 1 October, with the title assistant Periodic Ecclesiastical Journal. The original editorial committee was as President His Excellency Ghenadie Ţeposu former Argeşiu, while R. P. Silvestru Balanescu and hierodeacon Ghenadie Enăceanu were its members.

In 1878, the editorial work of the Review was temporarily interrupted because of money difficulties they faced after the War of Independence (1877 – 1878). But its publication was soon resumed on 1 October 1880, with the support of the Metropolitan Primate Calinic Miclescu (1822-1886), is printed in Printing of Books by the Church, that he had recently founded. The editorial committee that took over the publishing of this new series of the Journal was established by His Excellency Ghenadie Enăceanu and R. P. Silvestru Balanescu – presidents – and future bishops Inochentie Moisiu and Gherasim Timus – editors. As early as 1884, the Journal appeared under the title of assistant Periodic Review Ecclesiasticus.

A second momentary cessation of the publication of the Journal came with the entry of Romania in the First World War in 1916. The issue was revived in October 1, 1921, at the initiative of the Metropolitan Primate of Romania, Dr. Miron Cristea (1868-1939), this time the title was adjunct Journal of the Holy Synod. His Excellency Vartolomeu Stănescu was charged with the task of Chairman of the Editorial Board, while qu’Ioan Mihălcescu, the future Metropolitan Irineu of Moldova, was responsible for drafting and Archimandrite Iuliu Scriban was its secretary.

By 1934, it is always the Patriarch Miron Cristea, which multiplied the annual editions of the Journal, making six, and the same year, he pointed to the future Metropolitan Tit Simedrea Bukovina as secretary of writing. In the period between the two world wars, famous personalities came together to review, such as the future Patriarch Nicodim Munteanu, R. P. Grigorie Pişculescu (Gala Galaction), the Professors Teodor M. Popescu, Vasile Ispir Nicolae Chiţescu, Niculae M. Popescu and many others.

By 1945, the Institute of Biblical and Orthodox Mission, which took over the publication of the Journal including R. P. Dumitru was Fecioru since the president.

After the enthronement of Patriarch Justinian Marina (1948 – 1977), who support themselves the chairmanship of the editorial board of the Journal, she appeared for the title of the Official Bulletin of the Holy Synod. The Managing Editor was appointed R. P. Gheorghe Vintilescu, while the secretary became R. P. Professor Gheorghe I. Moisescu.

The current name of the Journal – Official Bulletin of the Romanian Patriarchate – was adopted in 1953. Under the pastoral leadership of the Patriarchs of venerable memory Justinian Marina Iustin Moisescu and Teoctist Arăpaşu, the Journal enjoys the collaboration of some famous representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church, such as R. R. – P. P. Dumitru Staniloae teachers, Ioan G. Coman, Ene Branişte, Liviu Stan, Mircea Păcurariu, Ion Bria and others.

Today, at the initiative of Father Patriarch Daniel, the Journal is in a transformation process, refurbishment and adaptation to new media context: there has improved graphics quality, the creation of a site on the Internet and a new design and organization of items that affect the activity of the Church. The new series will include the following categories of articles: editorials, Hot Working of His Beatitude Patriarch Father, Letters patriarchal and cordial, Decisions of the official Church Visits patriarchal Year dedicated to the honor of …, Studies and Articles , Church and Society, Life of the Church in the Romanian Diaspora, spirituality and monastic culture, Orthodoxy Today, Orthodox Laity in the Church and Refunds Event editorial.

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